>ZeroGunz Core Fighter GB entries!!!


Ello guys, I just want to share some entries of the ZeroGunz Core Fighter Group Build that has just finished last night ( deadline ). As expected most of us rushed our project to meet the deadline, not that we are excusing ourselves for some flaws, but the GB was ultimately fun anyways. hihi

17 Core Fighters managed to take off out of 29 participants… their are all sorts of CFs that are in the LET’S FLY section ( completed CF section ). Do visit us at ZeroGunz for the other CFs that made it to the deadline.

 I have here a few stolen photos of the ZeroGunz CF GB entries that were able to finish… here they are in random order…

Their are more Core Fighters in the Let’s Fly section, do visit if you have the time! XD

About verdc23

A Filipino Gunpla addict and a dad of 3 lovely kids.
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2 Responses to >ZeroGunz Core Fighter GB entries!!!

  1. DC Suratos says:

    >Wow, seeing all the core fighter in one place really excite me a lot…nice info Don! đŸ™‚

  2. DC Suratos says:

    >Yeah, they look cool together! I only posted 8 ( including mine )… I can steal the other 9 participants… but it is tedious to do. hehe… I mean stealing a photo and linking it back to our Let's Fly section. ;D

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